Noi noticed the home was vacant when my sister was in the hospital and wrote a letter asking if the house was for sale that she would lie to have the listing. And again a second letter about a year later. When my sister died as the executor of her will I contacted Noi and gave her the listing. To my mind it was the best move that I could of have made I found her to very knowledgeable in the field of real estate and very helpful and pleasant to work with.

I practiced law for12 years and 60% of my practice was in real estate and I was in contact with a lot of real estate agents. In my opinion, Noi is the best of all agents that I have dealt with. – Eugene E.

My wife, Debbie and I first met Noi at an Open House at Highland Vista in Chilliwack when we were doing some initial searches for a new home purchase in the early Fall of 2015.

Our first impressions were very positive since she is very pleasant, bright and was extremely  helpful in showing us her 3 different Show Homes, but also in sharing her considerable knowledge about the City and surrounding area in terms of utilities, amenities, shopping and schools in the area. As we narrowed down our search, we returned to Highland Vista a few more times and on each occasion Noi was just as pleasant and  offered additional support for us in terms of making changes to the home we wanted and “going to bat” for us with the builder when necessary.

She also found us a very knowledgable and competent Mortgage Broker and Lawyer to deal with, since we were new to both BC and this specific area. I would have to say that Noi was one of the principal reasons that we ultimately chose Highland Vista over some of the other options on our final short list.

I would highly recommend her to anyone that may be in the market to either buy or sell a home as you will always get first class service – with a smile – from Noi! – Larry G.